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kosukokoto's Journal

15 January
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Hi I'm Claude, a 17 year old sixth form student from the UK.

I guess this journal is mainly to fuel my tenipuri obsession (how many Ss are there meant to be in that word???).

I generally post to other communities but I will try and link everything back to here. I've got a little sorting out to do on my journal at the moment though!

I really enjoy tennis, playing and watching. My favourite player is Rafa though of course I support Murray like any good Brit would :)

I guess you could call my an academic, although I can't spell to save my life (as you have proberly noticed by now!) I really enjoy talking about literature (at the moment I am reading Lolita), philosophy (favourite philsopher is possibly Russell or Hume) and history (favourite time period: 20th century socialism).

And that is about all there is to it!